Get whatever you want in life with an introduction to NLP

Have you ever tried to communicate with someone who didn’t speak your language, and they couldn’t understand you?
When I lived in Thailand I would often order food in a restaurant only to be given something completely different than what I had actually ordered.

This is the kind of relationship that most of us have with our own unconscious mind.
We might think we are asking for more money, better relationships, more success…but unless that’s what showing up, then something is probably getting lost in translation.

In NLP, we have a saying: the conscious mind is the goal setter, and the unconscious mind is the goal getter. Your unconscious mind will give you whatever you ask for in life. However, if you don’t know how to communicate what you want properly, it will keep bringing huge bowls of fish heads out of the kitchen.

In fact, go ahead right now and think of, if there was one thing you could change, one habit you could break, what would it be?

  • Would you remain calm during work presentations?

  • Quit procrastinating and spending so much time Facebook?

  • Not devour a whole bag of potato chips or tub of ice cream in one sitting?

Whatever it is, realize that your unconscious mind only does that because it thinks that’s what you want.
(“Sir, here is your procrastination along with a side of anxiety. I’ve also told the valet to bring up your emotional baggage as per your request. Will you be needing anything else?”)

Have you ever become frustrated with your computer as it doesn’t seem to be doing what you want it to do, only for some annoying IT geek to say “It’s only doing what you told it to do”.

We didn’t realise that saving all those huge, old files on our desktop were causing it we were telling it to run slow, we didn’t know that telling it to save a file in one place would automatically move it out of shared folders so other programs couldn’t access it. Our actions that make things go wrong are not intentional but they are still our actions!

Just like computers our brains only do what we tell them to do,
if we keep sending the wrong signals to our brain it is going to give us the opposite of what we want

If your computer is running slow and not doing what you want it to do, you install an anti virus program.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is like an anti virus program for your brain. Learning NLP is like learning how to become fluent in the language of your mind so that the “server” that is your unconscious mind will finally understand what you actually want out of life.

NLP is the study of great communication–both with yourself, and with others.

Elke Schnabe

If you don’t think Kain Ramsey can’t still get better: This is his most excellent course I have finished, enlightening topics, fantastic presentation, brilliant sketching, comprehensive content, authenticity etc pp. Kain has the extra-ordinary ability to give his students the feeling to be privately coached, rather than following an online course. Looking forward to your next courses and many thanks again.

Brigitte Berger

This course is beneficial for someone who really wants to experiment self confidence. In order to get there, you will have to perform a quest within yourself ! Use the stories and perform the exercices: you’ll be the analyst of your behavior, your past, your future, etc… You may then discover what is holding you back and start initiate changes. Kain Ramsay serves as a skillful guide during this journey. He does not have to excuse his accent ! Enjoy the course, enjoy your life !