Did you know that as women we store all of our emotional pain and trauma in our pelvic area, which can interrupt the vital flow of energy here and contribute to physical symptoms?

  • When we hold these emotions inside and don’t process and release them they can manifest themselves into all sorts of physical ailments such as insomnia, headaches, muscle pain and more serious conditions or just stop us living to our full potential, which is serious enough!
  • In addition, painful periods, sexual trauma, birth trauma, pregnancy loss, fertility challenges, pelvic pain, limiting beliefs and feelings of shame and fear can lead us to disconnect from this creative centre
  • These trapped memories of pain and trauma can express themselves in unwanted ways – disease and illness, toxic relationships, lack of fulfilment and joy and impact all aspects of your life.
  • Plus all the emotional baggage we’ve been holding inside for years that never really got processed, all of these emotions are held deep inside our pelvic area including past feminine traumas from births, miscarriages, past sexual partners, divorces/separations, low self esteem, feelings of low self worth.